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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bridey Vest

Way back in the summer of '09, B and I watched the 1981 and 2008 film adaptations of Brideshead Revisited. We determined the 1981 version far superior in every aspect, and B casually mentioned that he'd like a vest similar to the one Jeremy Irons (and other characters) wears throughout the first part of the movie. Unfortunately the 1981 version predates the internet, and there are virtually no still images of anyone from the movie wearing a fair isle vest. I did, by lucky chance find a still from the 2008 version and loaded it onto my computer for further study. I can't even remember from which website this image came, and don't know who deserves credit for taking the picture. My apologies to the photographer, and I will happily take the image down if you'd prefer I didn't use it.
Basically I just wanted y'all to see the vest upon which my current project is based. Thankfully the quality of the photo above is such that I could zoom in to see each individual stitch in the pattern. I charted the whole pattern and adapted it for a much smaller gauge. Nine stitches per inch, to be exact. Using Elizabeth's Percentage system with my gauge and the chest measurement of 44", I cast on over 400 stitches. We'll see how long this project takes.

Notice the initials? They stand for Brainy Geek.

I'm using KnitPicks Palette. The background color is Camel Heather, with Navy, Serrano, and Marble Heather patterns.