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Friday, June 24, 2011

When I don't blog...

Inspired by Soule Mama's right now posts, here are a few of the events that have drawn me away from blogging for the past few weeks.

swimming with three kids: one adjusting her goggles as she does another lap, one resurfacing with several coins he has just plucked from the bottom, one screeching in my arms.

cheering as the two big kids finish their races and one little kids takes his first steps.

walking to the pool for swim practice and walking home again when practice is over.

sitting under a tree with a curious baby who is pulling up clover flowers.

listening to Z and M chatting. They have the most wonderful conversations.

sewing some little decorations for the house. They're really little nothings; items to occupy the empty spaces where our photos, which have been packed away already, used to hang.

packing a few of our possessions every day. When did we acquire so many things?

applying for our visas to Greece. What we sweated and agonized over turned out to be a very easy process. Thank God!

crocheting a little bag. Can't wait to finish!

celebrating birthdays. First my, then Z's, and finally T's birthdays are in June.

relishing one last day with T before he turns 1.

What are you doing?

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