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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly-by Post

We've got quite a bit going on as we wrap up our preparations for travel. The good news is that we have a renter, plane tickets, and most of our paperwork completed. The bad news? The process of obtaining an Apostille on certain documents is proving nigh on impossible.

I know that you're all waiting, breathless, for pictures of our flat in Athens(yet to be obtained) and news that we are safely across the Atlantic. In the meantime, will you be satisfied with a picture of a quilt that I refurbished?

I don't have a picture of the original, which my aunt made for my mother. There's a great one floating around my mom's house, which I will look for the next time I'm there. As with any quilt made in the mid-seventies, it has seen a lot of wear and has a lovely pink and orange colorway. (I mean that in all seriousness--there's something kitschy about the colors.)

First, I separated the top from the bottom. The batting in the middle had become bunched in the corners, making my job a little easier, so I was able to snip the yarn ties and fully separate top, bottom, and batting. Since parts of the top were ripped beyond repair, I trimmed those off. I then shortened the overall length so that the finished quilt would be crib sized. I attached new fabric to the bottom, machine quilted in the ditch, and hand-stitched the binding. Whew! It took far less effort than my description would have you believe.

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