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Thursday, October 6, 2011

το σπίτι μας: το παιδικό δωμάτιο

 There's a door leading from our main hall to the bedrooms and main bathroom.  The kids' bedroom is immediately to the right.

I would love to find a few little and inexpensive things to personalize the room--we're going to be here such a short time I can't justify huge expense.  Origami is a great idea; I like the idea of a giant, rainbow, paper crane garland. 

T did start out sleeping in here.  We jammed his bed against the wall with the window, but he's sleeping in the room with me and B now.  

Can you spot the toddler?  He's hiding in three pictures.


One of my favorite aspects about the bedroom doors--the glass panel towards the top.  There's so much light in all of the rooms, and it streams into the hallways from the panels.

I cut the kids' initials out of some colorful magazine pages after seeing a store use the same method to advertise a sale. It's definitely not a permanent decoration, but it breaks up all of the white.  T gets a new initial in Greek (Θ), which is so fun!

 Also looking for suggestions about what to do with the non-functioning rocker in the room?

Thanks for holding that closet door open, T!  (or should I write Θ?)

T's personal closet is deep enough for us to use it as a changing table for the time being.  His little legs hang down over the drawers, but it sure is nice to have a central location for all of our diapering supplies.

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