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Monday, October 17, 2011

το σπίτι μας: το σαλόνι μας

 Welcome to our living room! 
We spend a lot of our time here and in the dining room, which is behind those sheet covered chairs.  The chairs and both couches are actually upholstered in beige velvet, and our landlord mentioned that there were some chair covers in one of the storage spaces.  We felt like we should be considerate tenants and protect that beige velvet, no matter what.  It took us a couple of weeks to locate the covers.  I think that the landlord's mother made them, which is pretty spectacular to me, a novice seamstress.
Aaanywho, they're also beige, but this time a satiny paisley.  I felt that these, too, needed a modicum of protection, which explains the sheets draped over the covers, draped over the furniture.  Throw in a couple of inexpensive pillows and a blanket from IKEA, and it's home...of a sort.

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