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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Here and There, part 2

THERE, school is at home.  And while we have the luxury of taking all day to complete our lessons, we try to finish our seat work by lunch time.  In the afternoon, we have time to work on science experiments and we have free time to play.

HERE, our older kids go to public school.  M is in Kindergarten (it's called the νηπιαγωγείο, or nee-pee-ah-go-GHEE-o) and Z is in the second grade (δευτέρα τάξη or dhef-TER-a TA-xi).  The Kindergarten is a part of an entirely different school, and has its own principal.*

M begins class at around 8 every morning and finishes at 12:15 pm.  Although he goes to school in the same building that houses Z's school, I have to go to a different gate, specifically for the Kindergarten, to pick him up.  Z's school begins at 8:10, and lets out at 12:25 pm.  After I pick up M, I walk down the hill to the door of Z's school and wait for her to finish.  Parents are strictly forbidden to enter the elementary school--the kids are meant to be independent.

 Z has more homework than I anticipated, and her teacher communicates very little about assignments.  Z is expected to remember all of her work, and a combination of genetics and first time in a "real" school has lead to forgotten work.  Homeschool is looking pretty good to Z at the moment!

*I don't know if this is customary for the entire Athenian school system, or just our particular neighborhood.

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