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Monday, October 10, 2011

“If only we had...”, An Introduction

Aside from our friends and family, with whom we can now easily communicate, there are a few things that we miss about the US.  Most of the time I am content with what I find, and can fairly easily adapt what I find to what I need.  Occasionally, though, I find myself thinking wistfully “If only we had...”

If only we had...

image slurped from blogbytina.com

...peanut butter.

M loves peanut butter.  He requests PB and J for every meal, and will use PB as a dip for apples, carrots, crackers, pretzels...  Peanut butter does exist here; it’s called φυστιοβούτηρο (fee-stee-ko- VOO-tee-ro).  We even like that it’s the natural kind; we got the same kind in the US.   I just miss Costco’s double package of 28 oz. jars for $8.59.  

In Greece(and in most of Europe, from what I gather), peanut butter comes in small, expensive quantities.  For a treat, I recently purchased a tiny 350g jar for almost 4 Euros.  That’s 12.3 oz for $6.  The cost per ounce is $0.49 vs. our usual $0.25!  Ouch.

p.s.  Relatives who are coming to visit can sleep here for free, but meals for your stay will cost one jar of peanut butter per person per visit.  ;)

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