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Thursday, October 20, 2011

M's Sweater Finished!

Here's M to model.  Despite my pleading directions, he very much chose his own poses.  I give you:


(Ostensibly this photo was to give a view of the back.  I love the shoulder shaping and can't wait to invest in some yarn so that I can make one of these sweaters for myself.)


(No, really, I said "Please smile!" and he gave me this pained face.)

Chest circumference of 25"
gauge: 4 sts/ 1 inch

And, a label tragedy.  I added one of my iron-transfer labels to the neck of the sweater, and it's obvious that I'll need to invest in some sturdier ones before I open an Etsy shop.  The above picture was taken this afternoon; M wore the sweater for the first time this morning.

UPDATE: p.s.  Thank you to our friends and family who have expressed concern about the current situation in Athens.  Thankfully we're living far from the riots and our neighborhood has been pretty peaceful.  The families waiting to pick up their children from school are definitely grim.  We're praying that the situation stabilizes.

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