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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What we love...

I hope yesterday's post didn't give the impression that we're pining away for the States.  The truth is that we're not. at. all.  In fact there's so much that we like, I had a bit of trouble narrowing down the list.  Where to begin?  Our apartment? The neighborhood?  The bakery around the corner? Shopping at the farmer's market?  The church around every corner?

How about...

...the beach?

Although we live near on a coast in the States, we haven't visited the beaches close to home.  They just don't seem as accessible as the beaches here.  On Saturday, we took a relatively short and inexpensive bus ride to Porto Rafti, which was recommended to B by the locals.  While I  am not a beach lover(more of a beach tolerator), everyone else in the family is.  The kids played in the sand and built their traditional sandcastle.  The waves were gentle enough for T to wade in, and  we arrived early enough to witness a flotilla of lovely sailboats skim out of the harbor.

Z is all set to hit the beach again this weekend.  She keeps saying "Our Saturday tradition is going to be Bakery, Bus and Beach." I'm all for the bakery!

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