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Thursday, November 3, 2011

English School

Because school lets out so early every day, Greek school children frequently participate in extra-curricular activities like foreign language, dance, karate and soccer.  Several of Z's classmates take language lessons at tutoring facilities.  Her closest friend takes English, and Z delights in teaching her new words and phrases.

For our part, we're still working on our English because I don't want the kids to get behind or forget what they've already learned.

M is plugging away at my favorite: The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  I am taking the "no pressure" approach.  We sit on the couch to do our daily fifteen-minute lessons.  Z waxes nostalgic about her time using the "blue book," but I can't figure out how, as she used to spend forty minutes complaining before she would settle down to the lesson.  Good times, good times.

Z is working through second grade material.  She's excited about learning Italic cursive and has been counting down the pages in her handwriting book before it's introduced. (There are four left, for those who were curious.)  Her spelling continues to improve.  She really likes Spelling Workout, but I'm not sure if we'll continue with it next year.  She will be ready for Spelling Power, and it will address her "creative" spelling better.  We're also plugging away at Writing With Ease, although with far less enthusiasm than last year.   Each week features lessons using classic works of literature as examples, and I miss choosing our read-alouds to coincide with the week's lessons.  Despite her reservations about being in "real" school, I see that all of the work she is doing there is complementing our work at home, specifically in the area of handwriting.

Not making any promises, we'll probably return to homeschooling next year.  I love having a break from it, definitely.  T and I have so much fun together while the kids are at school, and I am really valuing the time I get to spend with just him.  (Shhh! Don't tell the other kids that!)  Surprisingly, both of the older kids have requested that they homeschool next year.  M says that he misses history, and Z likes to have more free time to play.  

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