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Monday, November 21, 2011

Guilty Secret

I am an impulse shopper at the periptero.  I am trying to keep it under control, and have limited my purchases to once a month.  (I am definitely a product of my parents, i.e.  controlled impulses.)

My purchase in October was of Living etc., a guilty pleasure because the magazine isn't Greek in any way.  It happened to have an entire article about knit and crochet featured in design, in addition to the article about Amy Butler's house.  How cool are those condiments?

image from Living Etc. November 2011

 I googled the artist that made these and came up with some more fabulous crocheted designs.  I wanted to post them here(with proper credit given to the artist, y'all), but the images aren't available for reposting.  You'll just have to check out Kate Jenkins here.  It's worth the side trip!

This picture definitely made me want a ceramic animal head.   You can find out more about Ruth Cross Studio here, and about the cover here.
 again, a photo from Living, etc., November 2011

(This is as close to Pinterest as I'll allow myself to get, KM.)

 My second impulse buy has been another magazine, but this time a Greek translation of a German sewing one.  What attracted me was the gray shirt and black dress below.  They appear to be complicated, and the instructions are in Greek.  I'm hoping this will inspire me to learn more Greek?  Nah....

And I was captivated by the children's winter outerwear.  Could I seriously sew my children down jackets? How cool would that be? Definitely along the lines of this...

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