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Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Poor, part 10

I first read about Japanese pattern books here, and have been drooling over them ever since.  I put a few on my Amazon Christmas wish list, thinking that my Mom would see all of them and choose the one she liked the best.  You can imagine how amazed and thankful I was when I opened my Christmas presents and found all three!  Wow.  Thanks, Mom.

The two for kids are in French, not Japanese, thank goodness.  I'm not that confident about my sewing skills.  At least I took a few French courses in college; what I can't figure out on my own, I can either ask my polyglot husband, French major sister-in-law, or Google Translate, right?

The girl patterns are so sweet, I can't wait until my reunion with my sewing machine.

 I think that the above page is the most helpful out of all three books.  I have been wondering about essential sewing tools for some time, but haven't found a definitive list until now.

The kids' patterns are all so simple and classic, that I hope to use these books for a long, long time.

The book above, for women, is a recent publication by Interweave Press, but it was published in Japanese first, if I'm not mistaken.  I loved the premise: minimal but interchangeable pattern pieces, many styles.  The book wasn't a disappointment, especially when I saw pattern 5b.  I have been looking for this exact skirt pattern for a very long time, and I've been too scared to draft one myself.  My only beef with the book is that the pattern sizes stop at a US 8-10.  Being of a healthy German build, I always appreciate seeing larger sizes represented.

OK, so these books aren't great literature, but they're a fabulous beginning to a pattern library.  And maybe some inspiration for novice seamstresses/tailors?

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