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Monday, December 26, 2011

Cookie Emergency!

Last week I misplaced the blade for our little food processor and couldn't make my favorite Christmas cookies.  I spent the better part of the afternoon on Christmas Eve turning the kitchen upside-down, looking for the blade.  No luck.  I remembered confiscating it at different times from both boys:  T has really long arms and I forget that every time I put something on the counter, and M just instinctively knows when anything sharp is within his reach.   The final resting place for the blade was somewhere only I could reach.  But where?

We needed to bring a dessert to the Christmas Day luncheon we were to attend, but there were a few limitations to what I could make.
1) No mixer.
2) No food processor (see above).
3) No cookie cutters.
4) No chocolate/sweetened condensed milk/fill-in-the-blank-other-specialty-ingredient-commonly-found-in-American-cookie-recipes.
5)The stores were closed.

I happened to be reading Purl Bee when I saw this recipe for icebox cookies.  Yu-um.

Y'all, they were so fast, easy and delicious that they'll be a permanent addition to our Christmas cookie repertoire. That's saying a lot because I have had poor luck with icebox cookies in the past.  I used sprinkles instead of schmancy sugar (see above, 4).  I also didn't add almond extract, as I didn't have any on hand (see above, 5).

I'm happy to report the missing food processor blade was discovered on high shelf that I know I cleared on Christmas Eve.  I hope to post a recipe for our favorite cookies when I get them made, as well as a little about how we spent Christmas.  I also have some fabulous books to share, thanks to some Christmas packages.  

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