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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

right now*

Right now, I am

celebrating that we have jumped through all of the official hoops, and as of Tuesday, we're legal residents of Greece!

making my own brown sugar.  It's something I've done in the past, but never in this quantity.

listening to Z and M recite their different parts for their different Christmas performances.  M is Άϊ-Βασίλης and a reindeer for his play.  Not sure how that will work, but I'm keeping an open mind.

venturing out of my comfort zone to find antlers for M's costume.  T and I took a trip out to the 'burbs to visit a store for some antler requisitioning and Christmas shopping.  Being directionally challenged, I was unsure whether T and I would make it back home in time to pick up the kids from school.  We did.

cavorting with new friends.  Through the playground, Z and M have made a gaggle of chums.  We've been too busy playing to be bored!

planning some Christmas surprises.

*inspired by Amanda Blake Soule's ::right now:: posts.

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