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Monday, January 30, 2012

Greek Holidays: Surprise! The kids don't have school tomorrow!

We have been very...um...surprised by the lack of information we have received from the school here.

I keep putting myself in the shoes of someone visiting the US for a year, because there are bound to be quirks in the US system, too.  So how is someone who was born and raised in Timbuktu to know about Labor Day? The US schools put out a schedule at the beginning of the year.  I asked a friend if one was available here and she just laughed at me.  So I have tried to be flexible, especially when the kids come home from school and tell me that there's a public holiday the following day and school will be closed.  After all, it's not like I have plans.  Ever.  It's such a refreshing break to have my chickies at home all together.

Image borrowed from Josephpatterson.wordpress.com (Thank you!)
What brings this on is the feast day of the Three Hierarchs, which celebrates these saints, ostensibly the patrons of learning.  It's definitely a religious feast day that our family would observe in the US, but we homeschool, so we can do whatever we want (wink, wink).  I found out the day before that the kids wouldn't have school, but everyone else seemed to know this was coming.  We've experienced this a few other times in the past with other religious holidays, which has been kind of neat.  I definitely appreciate the emphasis on attending church.

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