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Monday, January 30, 2012

Random Monday (again)

1)I was all set to post about this holiday, which was observed today, but we had such a lovely and peaceful and random day here, the post can wait.

2) A friend sent me a link to this video, on this blog.  I can't believe I'd never heard of Elizabeth Foss before!  Spent a while reading after the kids went to bed.

3)  Thought that this post of hers resonated with my desire to slow down and be more present, and how that desire has been oh-so-pressing lately.

4) Found another blog through another friend.  Very excited to try out some of the activities when we get home, and really geeked about the planner she uses. (Although I don't think I can make the transition to digital.)

5)  Z and M have discovered a new favorite audio book series.  Or maybe I found it and they discovered that they liked it.  Both listened to it all morning.  I'll be sharing on Thursday.

6) T has been working hard on his words.  I wish I could get him to reproduce them on film, but whenever I take out the camera, he will only smile.

7) I chuckled at the questions M was asking Z tonight when they should have been falling asleep.  The hilarity of his questions was topped only by her answers.

8) B really wanted me to look here (just at the Russian photos) and here at some things that have been floating around on the web for a while.  I think if someone offered him an excuse to live in Russia for a year, he'd say yes in a heartbeat.

9) Speaking of cold, it snowed (ok, flurried) here this afternoon and is supposed to snow tonight. Crazy, right?  The kids were making all sorts of accumulation predictions while they were watching the sparse flurries sprinkle this afternoon.  We miss snow, I think.

10) Have a lovely evening!  We'll let you know how much snow we got tomorrow.

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Stephanie said...

Glad you liked the blog, I thought I must have passed it along to you before since it is one of the few blogs I actually read (i'd love to read more but am not organized enough to remember the good ones and set up a way of collecting them all....) She's practically a local to Germantown :) since she's in NoVA. One of my acquaintances from Doug's med school is actually friends with her in real life, which I found very cool. I find her blog and story very inspiring!