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Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Monday

1) Last night I loaded a group of pictures onto a draft of a blog post using B's computer. When I logged into Blogger this evening to write the text, the images had disappeared. Poof!

 2) My right hand is functioning at far less than optimal. In the past two weeks, I have developed a strange form of digital dermatitis, and an old injury to the middle joint of my right middle finger has flared up, making really important things like knitting washing dishes virtually impossible.

 3) In the past two days, I have almost forfeited the top half of my right pinkie to our oven, and stabbed my right index finger with a sewing needle.  The pinkie is still a bit of a mess; B is going to be doing the dishes until we leave Athens, at this rate. I have been wearing mittens when I leave the house, just so people won't stare at the ridiculous amount of first-aid tape I have on my right hand.

4) T has learned several new phrases, such as "oh, no" and "don't," which he can't say in anything other than a lusty shout.

5) He has also learned "oh, wow," which he uses when we give him apple slices or cookies.

 6) Z is going through a growthsberg, which is not to be confused with its cousin, the iceberg. Growthsbergs leave a hole in your stomach; icebergs leave holes in ships. And I confess here that I have no idea how I am going to feed this child when she is a teenager. She told me she was hungry less than an hour after lunch.  I ate less than she did, and I was full almost until dinner.

7) The first thing that M does when he leaves his kindergarten class is peel off his coat. The other mothers stand agape as he declares how hot he is and sprints to the school gate wearing only a long sleeved shirt. He has been wanting to wear shorts every day, so I consider his pants a victory and the lack of a coat a minor setback.  

8) B went on a field trip this past Saturday to Mistra, and took some marvelous pictures.  Maybe when he arrives home, he'll let me add one to this post. (He did.)

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