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Saturday, January 7, 2012


yarn: Cascade 220, held double
needles: 10.5 double pointed

Theophany has come and gone, and taken the last remnants of Christmas with it.  B took the kids to a packed Liturgy in the morning, and when they returned to the house, we had a Watching-the-Blessing-of-the-Waters party.  Here, the hierarchs bless the Mediterranean Sea by saying prayers and throwing a cross into the water and it's televised.  How cool is that?  Traditionally people dive to catch the cross in the water.  The event looked pretty cold to us as we listened to the wind whip around our apartment.  The kids will be starting school again on Monday, and I think it's safe to say that they're ready to see their friends.

 We're also waiting patiently for the next wave of victims to fall ill, and I thought I'd share the only knitted Christmas gift that I made this year.  The pattern was in the Greek Burdastyle magazine I purchased a while ago.  To be honest, I just looked at the picture and ignored the pattern.  B was curious about the Greek knitting terms, so he read the pattern.  (I know!  Imagine that!)  They turned out so well that I am making a child-sized version for a friend's daughter and maybe, just maybe, a pair for myself.

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