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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holidays: Apokreas

Apokreas is the low-key Greek version of Carnival, as opposed to here.  We celebrate it with the rest of our parish in the US, where in English it's called Meatfare Sunday  The children in the parish usually break a pinata, and we all gorge ourselves on delicious meat dishes.

In Athens, everyone knows it's Apokreas time.  Store windows display children's costumes and our periptero ladies sell confetti and streamers. But as far as major celebrations go, the city was pretty quiet. There were no parades through the city, at least none that we attended.  Our kids went to the party hosted by their school's PTA.  They each made their own costume, although I assisted with hair and make-up.  (Z used a play silk for her butterfly wings, and M decided to wear Z's pants as part of his superhero costume. So. Cute.)

They had a fabulous time, or so they said.  

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Mom said...

Love the costumes and all the feathers!