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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today started off snowy and overcast, the perfect weather for curling up under a blanket and making a dent in the mending pile.  My mending pile is usually pretty small, as I often choose mending the kids' clothing over, say, sweeping the floors.  On my pile were just a pair of socks* and more patches for M's jeans.

Today I also let Z stay home from school.  Of all of our transitions, hers has been the hardest.  She had trouble falling asleep last night(she was up until 11:30), and I knew that she'd have difficulty staying awake in class.  I also knew that a tired day at school would be followed, as it always is, by meltdowns and frustration this afternoon.  For both of us.

Aside from my Opinions about her teacher, school has been different than Z expected.  There's lots of homework, despite the early release.  I will be the first to admit that Z is easily distracted and works slowly.  If we were in the States, I would be speaking with her teacher about the length of time it takes Z to complete all of her assignments.  We've had to take a break from our English lessons recently because Greek school takes so much time; it's not fair to make a child sit for seven hours each day to do school work.  I was very hesitant to take such a break.  Heaven forbid she should fall behind.  But B pointed out to me that Z is doing a lot of what we're doing in our English lessons...in Greek.  I am relaxing a little with that thought in mind.  I'm also convinced that Z will thrive in our homeschool next year, as she has in the past.  I know she misses it.

So today, I was trying to be a wise mama.  I would never have dreamed that I'd be allowing a child to play hookie for no good reason, but I see this as a way to let Z know that I'm on her side.  All to often I am the tough parent, but today I was the softie.  It felt really nice, and I was, in a way, mending my little girl.

* The yarn for the socks is Colinette Jitterbug in 100/Gaughin.  The colorway was so pretty, and the women at the yarn shop assured me that it would wash and dry in my machine like a dream.  I didn't spend as much as it is going for now($25!), but it was definitely pricey.  Y'all, those beautiful colors faded quickly, the yarn got all fuzzy, and each sock has a bajillion darns in it--definitely short term pleasure yarn.  I've had much better luck with far less expensive wool.

Lesson: Either hand wash or buy cheap yarn.

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