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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Monday

The view from our window

1.  I know full well that today is Wednesday, but after the blissful week-long weekend with friends, today feels like a Monday.  We're back to the quiet routine of our days, and missing late-night laughter and watching our children play pirate games together.

2.  Thank you to the friends and family who have sent emails to check in with us after all of the hubbub.  We're fine, glory be to God.  Our neighborhood is far enough from the center that we have to watch the news to find out what's happening in the rest of the city.  Our guests, who were living in Tunisia last year during the revolution, joked that civil unrest follows them wherever they go.

3.  I loved seeing this childhood friend as a mom--she's a fabulous one, raising her children in a foreign country to be faithful and happy.  I love that our parents have known each other since high school (and are still friends), we have known each other since we were seven, and now our kids know each other.  Amazing.

4.  B had an event last night that kept him out late.  In the ten years we've been together we've celebrated a total of three Valentine's Days.  But then, with us, every day is a Valentine's Day.

5.  Lent is around the corner.  I loved reading this. It's the best explanation of fasting for children that I've yet found.

6.  Also meditating on this.  Boy, do I have a lot of room for improvement.

Happy Wednesday!


Stephanie said...

So glad al is ok for you guys, and that you had such a good visit even during the commotion! I've been trying to get through that whole suscipio post as well, so many good lessons! Keep getting interrupted by needs of kids- we are on the tail end of norovirus and Doug is out if town....:) only the grace of God is getting me through this one. Reinforcements arrive tomorrow, lucky me! Hope to be in better touch then! Thanks for the update :)

pleximama said...

Yuck! Prayers for a quick recovery and extra dose of sanity for you. Thinking a lot about you right now, and will be for the next few weeks...