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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Keeping House

I've only visited a few houses here in Greece, but in every single one I have been impressed by the housekeeping.  There is such are and attention paid to even the smallest details.  The corners are dust free; the floors are immaculate.  There is minimal clutter, and toys are contained.  Linens are free of stains and neatly pressed.  And so are clothes.

I have been thoroughly convicted about my slapdash housekeeping, friends.  I am trying, I really am, to have a system and a schedule.  I have assigned an extra chore to each day of the week, and I am sticking to the schedule.  No awards will be given for my dishwashing, but I have begun to iron-regularly-everything that needs ironing.  I find that when I care just a little more for the needs of those around me, and a little less for my own needs, our lives are vastly different.  There's nothing like Lent to help drive this lesson home.

I will still need some major help when we move again, and so will the kids.  I would dearly love to attend a camp for clueless housekeepers, and a personal coach isn't a bad idea either.  The previous two items might be unobtainable currently, but I would like to have a Chore Camp for my children when they turn 10.  We would learn how to wash dishes properly, how to sweep thoroughly, how to iron a shirt properly.  Kind of like a Home Ec for homeschoolers.  Anyone else interested?

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