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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Day

Never again will I make light of the 'flu shot, that I promise.  This year I didn't really put much effort into obtaining one for me or my family, and I am convinced that the latest calisthenics for our white blood cells are the result.  We're slowly, slowly on the mend.

I won't dwell on the particulars, but I will say that mothers need some sick days built into their job descriptions.  Despite my aches, dinner still needed to find its way from the grocery store to the table, dirty clothes needed my attention, and a rambunctious son and daughter needed outdoor diversion.  With B working late, children still needed to be put into bed, and an ill T needed a constant attendant.

By Thursday, I had capitulated to temptation and turned on a movie for the kids, something we especially limit during Lent.  (Habits aren't changing so very much here after all. Sigh.)  Unfortunately Greek television broadcast some really unsuitable shows right when I needed the electronic babysitter, so I got creative.  We watched this and this through youtube.  Everyone loved the first, and there were mixed reviews about the second ("Too girly").  T was interested for a few minutes, but really just wanted to cuddle.

Ok, I'm tired.  I think I'll curl up on the couch with an iBook until bedtime.

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