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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 3: Hosios Loukas and the Corycian Cave

I somehow didn't remember that we own a camera on this day.  There are no pictures from the beautiful Hosios Loukas or our trek out the the Corycian Cave.  It had rained the night before, and the mountains we drove through were shrouded in mist.  The fields were greener than I had remembered them being 12 years ago, which was the first time I had seen both Hosios Loukas and the cave.

Anyway, the whole family wandered around Hosios Loukas, with B taking the big kids to see the more interesting things.  T and I walked around a bit and enjoyed the view.  When we finished at Hosios Loukas, we drove back through Arachova and then up, up and over Mount Parnassus.  Greece is a funny country.  Because of the mountainous terrain, the landscape changes from kilometer to kilometer.  One minute we were in very Greek looking mountains, and the next we thought we were in the Rockies.  Mount Parnassus is a big ski center, so lodges crowded the main road. We imagined we were lost more than once, but we finally spied the tiny dirt road that led up the mountain to the cave.

I'll not lie, friends.  Caves give me the heebie-jeebies.  Our plan was to eat our picnic and then hike up the trail to the cave.  B and the big kids would go on ahead, and T and I would take our time in the hope that we might miss the spelunking.  Go on ahead B and the big kids did, but T decided he would rather explore the same 10 meters of the trail for an hour.  (Totally fine by me.)  I sat and listened to the wind rushing through the pines while he turned over every rock and picked up every stick.  When B and the kids returned, they declared their expedition a success, and we bounced and bumped our way back to the main road and home.

And here's where I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures.  They were meant to be Instagrammed, and somehow that didn't happen.  These pictures are us, playing our favorite Delphic game.  Can you guess the rules?

If you guessed that the rules are somewhat like dodgeball, you'd be right.  Everyone loved playing this game, especially because Daddy had difficulty hitting the targets, but Mama hit everyone.  ;)

This next bit deserves more than an afterthought paragraph, because it really was one of my favorite moments from our time in Delphi.  Every evening after dinner, we would drive down through the mountains to the sea town of Itea.  There we got ice cream and walked along the boardwalk, which was nice, but I think my favorite part was the drive.  The road is filled with hairpin turns, and at one point crosses under itself, but the entire time the sea is visible in the distance.  And once down on the plain, we drove through grove after grove of olives before we got to Itea.  The memory of that view, with the sun low in the sky, is better than any picture I could have taken, but I am sorry that I can't share it.

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