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Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 5: Olympia, and B ♥'s Pyrgos

The little town of Olympia is charming, but it is definitely a tourist trap.  The site more than makes up for it.  We had a cool and cloudy morning for our tour.

Taking five before we begin the day.

.....and we're off!

A classic picture.  T isn't blinking; he shut his eyes when I said to smile.  M is going through a "don't take my picture" phase; he's trying to escape.  Z was upset about something.

 Some columns.

M running through the remains of the Gymnasium.

Entering the Stadium.

Fighting off the French students so that we could begin our race.
Take your marks...
Get set...


(or STAY!)

The museum at Olympia houses some of my very favorite Greek sculpture.

And that was our lovely morning.

The sky cleared for the afternoon, so we took a jaunt down to Pygos.  When we arrived, B told me that he really wanted the title of the blog post for our day to be "I ♥ Pyrgos,"  and he repeated this often while we were there.  It really was a charming city, especially the large plaza that occupied the center of the city.

We played.

We noticed that Bieber fever knows no borders (it says Justin Bieber =  θεός/god).

I don't know how apparent it is in the following clip, but barn swallows and house martins just filled the skies over Pyrgos.  They're the Greek versions of the American robin, meaning warm weather and Spring.

And finally, after a gyro, ice cream.  It was the best we'd had all week. (And, B claims, the best pistachio ice cream he's ever had.  Yet another reason to ♥ Pyrgos.)

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