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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 5: Return Home

Leaving Olympia was a little bittersweet.  The kids weren't excited to head back to school, and Z was hoping that we would be hopping a plane for our home in the States as soon as we arrived in Athens.  We decided to move slowly back to Athens, and to stop in Mycenae on our way.  We picnicked on a swelteringly hot and sunny hill in the parking lot. (That jacket I'm wearing lasted only for the pictures--I then rolled up the jeans, ditched the socks, and sweated through our tour of the site.)

The famed Lion Gate,

with husband and children thrown in for scale.

Basically the ancient site of Mycenae is at the top of a mountain, with a commanding view of the countryside all the way to the sea.  I had fun imagining King Menelaus surveying his domain, because the surrounding countryside is quite pristine.  I don't think the landscape has changed too much in the past few thousand years.

Maybe our children can support us with their modeling careers? ;)

We hopped back in the car for the last few kilometers, during which we heard "I'm carsick" several times from M.  When asked if he was going to be sick, he replied, "No, I'm just bored of being in the car." (Me, too, M.  Me, too.)

As hot as our tour of Mycenae was, the bridge spanning the Corinth Canal appears to have been windy and chilly.  I didn't actually get to see it, because I was on nap duty with a sleeping babe in the car.

And that's it!  We've been back at the ol' apartment for a couple of weeks now.  It's nice to settle back into our routine.  We've had a few days off for May Day and the pending elections, and we've found some new energy to apply to our English lessons at home. (Or maybe Mama casually mentioned that we would be repeating a workbook, which lit a fire under someone's pants.) 

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