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Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Technical Difficulties

This week saw another failure in our communications, this time both telephone and internet.  I'm not usually one to spend much time at all on the phone, but not having that choice was a little maddening.  It turns out that the outage was caused by an essential wire being torn out of the wall.  I won't point any fingers, but I will say that the child at whom I would normally point was not the culprit.  It was a little embarrassing to hear from the OTE technician what caused everything, and it took all of two minutes to fix.

I wish I could say that my absence from the blog is due totally to that, but it isn't.  We've been busy, and I have been lazy.  I've also been thinking about this, and wondering if I should reactivate my Facebook account.  Am I not spending too much time in front of a screen anyway?  At the same time, I am wrestling with being out of touch with many friends and family members; without Facebook, am I cutting myself off from some healthy relationships?  Just wondering...

Finally, a photo of the latest knitting.  A friend here recently had a baby, her third girl.  I was lucky to be invited to a shower thrown for her, and had a chance to hold her sweet little baby.  Sigh...newborns.  I was in heaven.  Since my friend and her family will be moving back to the States in June, I wanted to send along something smallish and portable.  It's this pattern, which comes with directions for all weights of yarn and sizes of baby head.  I used the last skein of Quince and Co. Lark in my stash, and added some flowers out of a mystery yarn.  

And here's T, who was quite the unwilling model.  I promised him a couple of a cherries as a reward,  and managed to snap a few blurry pictures before he ripped the thing from his head.

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