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Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Time

Apparently May Day signals the beginning of warm weather here in Greece.  On April 30, a sweltering, summer-like day, we received some strange looks for wearing shorts.  But on May 1, everyone had on tank tops, shorts and sandals.   The news for that day reported record turnouts at the area beaches.

Despite welcoming warm weather at the first of May, the rest of May has been mercifully cool and cloudy.  Until this past weekend.  Everywhere in Greece is close to a beach, and B took the kids swimming to celebrate the advent of the heat.  (T and I were hiding from the sun in our apartment.)  They loved it!  B sat at an umbrella shaded table on the beach and sipped a frappé; the kids found a dead cuttlefish, and built sand castles.  

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