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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday, again

::  We said a bittersweet goodbye to our neighborhood American friends today.  They're headed back to the States for good, at least for now.  We'll miss their weekly, sometimes daily, companionship.  I can't tell you how blessed I was the day we encountered each other at the playground.  It's funny how we spotted each other for Americans before we even spoke: she had a Vera Bradley handbag, I was sporting Chacos.  I sometimes wonder if immigrants in the US are able to identify compatriots by the brands of clothing they wear?  Does anyone know?

::  It has been too, too hot to bake and cook, so our meals have been of the sandwich and salad variety.  Any suggestions for cold dishes?

::  The Apostles' Fast is upon us!  For me, it is the sneakiest.  I always seem to forget that it's coming, and then how long it lasts, and then what meals to make.  I foresee a trip to the store for some tuna tomorrow.

::  We're becoming nocturnal.  The days are too hot to be outside.  There's a nice breeze, but the sun is relentless.  So the kids and I hunker down until six or so, and play at the playground 'til eight or nine.  It's a huge concession of mine--I like uninterrupted time in the evening to recharge my depleted batteries.

Z at 2.  T smiles the same way.

::  Monday marks the eighth anniversary of motherhood for me.  The days creep by, but the years move lightning fast.  Happy Birthday, Z.

::   I am spinning my wheels with homeschool preparations.  I CANNOT wait to order next year's supplies and start planning in earnest.  We'll be trying something new this year, which will hopefully streamline the process.  Sometimes I get caught up in the organizing and miss out on the content.  Read this post the other day, and decided that substituting the word "organizing" for "homeschooling methods" describes me.

p.s.  I have been eating these lately by the bucketful.  It all started when I couldn't find good dill pickles at the supermarket, and realized that an abundant and inexpensive supply of dill, sea salt, vinegar, and cucumbers could be put to use.  I don't really follow the recipe in the link, I just fill a tupperware container with cucumber and dill, and add salt and vinegar to taste (diluting with water, of course).  The great thing is that the salt and vinegar prevents bacterial growth, so these can sit in the refrigerator for up to a month.  Trust me, they only last a few days or so.

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