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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saying Good-bye to the Parthenon

This morning I convinced B that he didn't need to go to work, and that he could spend one last day hanging out with us before we leave. (He has a few things to finish up here before he rejoins us.)  What can I say?  I think that I am largely somewhat to blame for any lack of progress on his dissertation.

Anyway, he asked both Z and M what their favorite place in Athens was, and endeavored to take them to say good-bye.  Neither hesitated.  M chose the Acropolis/Parthenon, and Z chose the Acropolis Museum.  B was only too happy to make the outing during the super-pleasant weather we're experiencing.

This photo has been recycled from one of our fall visits to the Acropolis, but M is wearing the exact same clothing for the visit today, down to the shoes!

I put T down for an early nap, ostensibly so that I could pack.  There's really nothing for me to do, other than tap my feet anxiously and wander around the apartment.  Rather than scrambling to round things up, I am waiting for clean clothes to dry.  We'll be leaving the house a mess-ish. (Sorry, honey.)  But everything we've left can be tossed into the trash.  Really.

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