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Monday, October 22, 2012

Gender Unspecific

My mother-in-law saw the blue sweater in my last post and wanted to confirm that I wasn't hinting anything.  I wasn't, as the following gender-neutral sweater will show, but my money is still on BOY.  I did the math the other day: of the 21 babies born (or soon to be born) to friends in 2012, only 7 have been boys.  Odds point to us having a boy, no?

Yes, we do seem to be in the midst of another baby boom, as always happens when I am pregnant.  The next delivery is a scheduled one.  Remember my friend that visited from Tunisia?  She's delivering tomorrow (prayers for her, please), and she doesn't yet know the gender of her baby.  Exciting! Somehow I'm convinced that we're having whatever gender she doesn't.  See these wacky mind games I play to drive myself crazy keep my brain occupied in the last few weeks?

This sweater is a version of the Puerperium Cardigan, which is a free(!) and easy(!!) pattern.  It's a metaphor for my pregnant brain, confused and all jumbled up, but somehow still functioning.  I used four different weights of yarn, as I had so little of each color.  I didn't swatch.  I don't even know how or when I finished it.  The sweater still needs a way to be fastened; I was leaning toward snaps, but am very indecisive at present.  The sleeves are short (again, the shortage of yarn), but I keep telling myself that keeping this baby's core warm is the important thing.  Right?  I am totally inexperienced when it comes to winter babies. 

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