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Thursday, November 1, 2012

For the (big) boy

I love the thought of the KCWC, but rarely do I have two nights in a row free for sewing, let alone seven.  Since our "schoolroom" and "sewing studio" occupy the same exact space, the thought of changing up the room daily is just too much work.  I have been doing more sewing this fall than ever before, and mostly on Friday and Saturday nights, when I can just leave the mess out for the weekend.  My impetus for sewing has derived from an actual need, too, which has given me no end of satisfaction.

Take these pajama pants.  When I unearthed this season's hand-me-downs for M, I found a single pair of pants that could be taken either as sweatpants or pajama bottoms.  When in doubt, relegate to the pajama drawer, I say.  Still, one pair of pajamas?  Not enough for a messy six-year-old. At least with two pairs one can be in the washer while the other's being worn, right?

So, off to the fabric store for some half-off flannel!  I brought M along and allowed him choose from among some very hideous patterns with the thought that he'd be more likely to wear something he had a say in.  (For the record, my vote was something like this.)

I was surprised at how quickly this project came together--I had the fabric purchased, pre-washed and sewn up in time for M to wear the pajama bottoms to bed that same day!  I drafted the pattern from a pair of too-short pajama bottoms, and followed a hybrid of these directions and the ones from this book.

And I write the above not to toot my own horn, but to encourage anyone else out there.  
Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.

And last, but not least, my favorite touch: a little tag made from cotton tape, a bug stamp, and this.  (Although I'm not sure whether I put the tag in the front or back.  It's really hard to tell.)

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