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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Month 3: Already?

This month has been busier than ever, and I can scarcely believe that it's over!  The time crawled when Z was an infant, but these days I am wishing the clock would go slower.  Not only is G's babyhood passing before my eyes, but there are too many things to accomplish in a 24 hour day.  I go to bed willing myself not to do anymore.  It's a good feeling on most days.

I have also been learning much about my own parenting this month.  Like how I need to compare myself only to myself, and how to give so much over to prayer.  Yes, these are lessons that bear re-learning.

B...has some hope on the job front and on the dissertation-completing one.  Glory be to God!

Z...is reading and reading and reading.  She's completed some standardized tests lately, for which I am immensely proud.  Not because of her score(we don't even have that yet), but because of her bravery.  She, my timid, quiet child, has gone into an unknown school and done something new:  taken a test.

M...just earned his Tiger Cub patch, and has become a big help with the littles.  He's hoping that we get a big snow tomorrow. (And, to my amazement, we skipped our February ER visit. )

T...is doing so well with potty-training!  He's still not 100% there, but we've definitely reduced our diaper footprint.  Wohoo!  He loves, loves, loves G.

G...is growing and growing.  I've already pulled out the 6-9 month clothing, which puts him in good stead with his brothers.  He's super, super ticklish, which delights the rest of us to no end.

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