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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! (A Finished Friday Post)

Some lovely, generous relatives gave me money for my birthday this year, and I used some of it to make this backpack for T from Little Things to Sew.   I feel a little guilt because the fabric was a bit of a splurge, but also because there are an infinite number of More Practical items for which I could have used the money.  Aren't there always, though?

I chose the lion fabric after much internal struggle.  I love the dragons, but in addition to the fabric being out of stock, T likes real animals better.  Well, the idea of real animals.  He's afraid of most of the animals we encounter on a daily basis.

In a way this backpack was more for me, too.  T could probably care less about the fabric, or about the time and effort used to construct the backpack.  I just wanted to have a little project to do; sewing is extremely cathartic, much more so than knitting.  

My only modification to the pattern was to add heavyweight fusible interfacing to the outer fabric and straps. I knew that the weight of the quilting cotton would be too flimsy to hold its shape, and the interfacing would give it some shape.

The inside of the bag is completely lined.  I love the surprise lions and tigers that greet me when I unzip it.

There's enough fabric for me to make a matching cassetina.  It won't be ready in time for T's birthday, but hopefully it will be before Greek School starts back up in the fall.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Poor

My father spotted this biography about James Audubon for M, and sent it in a package for Pascha.  
The descriptions remind me so much of M.
Perhaps we have another naturalist on our hands?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Month 6: Action!

Dear G,

I can't believe that almost a year ago your Baba and I were breaking the news of your impending arrival to your sister and brothers.  You've grown so much since then, sweet boy!

These days you are on the move.  You are happy to play with whatever you're given, but two minutes later you're discovering what lies on the other side of the room.  I love how you nonchalantly flip from belly to back and back to belly.  You enjoy rolling more than the rest of your siblings, and you've gotten quite skilled at it.  Here you are in the space of ten seconds, eagerly investigating what was at the edge of the blanket.

This month you got your first tooth, and I can feel another close behind.  Your hair is getting a little thicker, too.  You're almost able to sit by yourself, but you're likely to get distracted by whatever catches your eye and fall forward in an attempt to grab it.

Where will you fit in this loud, raucous bunch of brothers (and sister)?  Right now we can't tell.  You like to watch the action from the safety of Mama's arms, but you sure do love M and Z.  I know that T can be a bit rough sometimes.  He's still learning, so you'll have to be patient with him.

You celebrate your half-birthday in a popular month--Z, T and I all have birthdays in June.  Maybe when you get a little older we can throw a little celebration for you into the mix so you don't get lonely in December.

Here's a little flashback so you can see how far you've come.

We love you, Baby G!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Naturalist

These days there's little spare time for luxuriously reading all of the sewing, knitting, and faith-based blogs that I read while we lived in Greece.  I've whittled down my list to two daily must-reads.  One is Soulemama, and the other is Small Things.  These blogs have quite a bit in common--homeschooling, big families, and great photography, to name a few.  Ginny Foreman just posted a giveaway that inspired me to write a little here about M's museum, which occupies a shelf in the bedroom he shares with Z.  I know that he'd love to go fossil hunting, so I am going to try to schedule a trip to one of the areas near our home that should, in theory, have good fossil hunting.

M collects things everywhere we go, whether it's a jaunt to the grocery store (B has found gobs of twist ties from the produce section and random bits of metal from the parking lot in his pockets.) or one of our nature hikes (Worms, snails, slugs, oh my!), M finds something that he'd like to bring home with us.

Our trip to the farm over Memorial Day was quite rich in finds, and he's got quite the little museum.  Here, in no particular order, are some of the items on display.

goat skull

tortoise shell

wasp nests

assorted shells and fossilized shark teeth

insect remains

the findings in two owl pellets

tail feathers from an American Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawk

a vulture clavicle

If you're in town, we'd love for you to stop by M's Museum.  Admission is free...