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Friday, July 19, 2013

Follow All Road Signs

The past week has been a detour from our summer busy-ness.  All of the kids caught a nasty virus, which brought our plans to a standstill.  Instead of golf camp, we had bedrest; instead of schoolwork, we took naps; and instead of swim practice and meets, we had doctors' appointments.  Thankfully we're on the road to recovery.  The littles are sleeping better, although now B and I have scratchy throats and achy joints.

M reading to a sick T

There are many reasons to be grateful for this unpleasant phase of our summer.  It was a "forced quit" from which we had to reboot.  We have been quietly re-establishing our family rhythm, making time for reading aloud and games.  Despite all of the events we didn't get to attend, hopefully we'll be feeling spiffy when we go on vacation soon.  And really, that's more important to all of us.

 Homeschooling is a learning experience, and I'm learning that our family needs a bit of respite from school in the summer.  We need a chance to miss school and look forward to beginning it again in late August.  My year round school experiment this summer was well intentioned, but we won't be doing it again next summer.

And that's ok.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I've been thinking about lately...

...screen time and rules.  It's been too easy to fall back into the post-Lent pattern of too much and low quality.  For myself, anyway.

...homeschool attitude.  What values will we instill in our little church?  What are the goals of our family?  How can I raise happy, healthy, faithful adults?

...how to keep these boys of mine innocent.  Oh, the thrills, joy, and worry of raising children in the digital age.

...Greece and remembering.  Was it really just a year ago that we returned?  When can we go back?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Month 7: Catch Me if You Can

This month, although as filled with tasks as ever, passed surprisingly slowly.  No complaints here.   The most exciting event was welcoming good friends back into our area, and making up for four years of lost playtime.  God has some great timing--had B gotten a job we would not have the overlap with our friends.  What a blessing in disguise!

I...am planning and doing.  Maybe a list would help me keep track of things?

B...plugging away at the dissertation an planning the course he'll be teaching in the fall.

Z...'s focus for swimming is social, not sporty.  My shy daughter seems to hover on the edge of the group, which is occasionally painful for me to watch.  Every mother wants her child to find a place in the crowd, not to feel ostracized.  I understand her hesitation; I'm the same way. Swimming's too loud and chaotic to have a meaningful conversation, and how can one make a friend without that?  

M...keeps dropping time at his races.  He's not the leader of the pack, which makes me all the more proud of his competition with himself.  M has no trouble making friends, or at least putting himself out there.  Is he related in any way to his sister?

T...continues to amuse and delight us with his T-isms.  He must have heard me say, "I'm feeding G" one too many times, because "feedings" is his term for bosom.  "Mom, get out your feedings for G!" he shouts, when G begins to fuss.

G...This boy.  He's in such a rush to keep up with the big kids he's forgotten that I'd like to keep him a baby.  Halfway through the month he began to crawl(!) and pull up(!) onto anything and everything he could.  His army scoot is a little faster still, so we're seeing quite a mix of ways to get around.  G's typically undaunted by a fall, unless he's helped by his siblings.    

I marvel, as I look at them, how each of these four children of ours is so unique.  Same mom, same dad, same family, but so very, very different.  How will they grow and relate to each other? What will the next few years bring?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Summer

My favorite time of year is winter; I delight in cold sweater weather.  I suppose if summer where we live were chilly and breezy, I might like it more, too.  As it is, the humidity suffocates us from mid-May until well into September.

This year, I'm finding joy in summer, despite my dislike of the weather.

The kids are participating in the neighborhood summer swim league.  I have dropped several points in the parent polls, though.  Who knew that the meets had themes and everyone dressed in costumes?  We do, now.  Thankfully we caught on in time for the Spy theme.  G and T hang with me while Z and M swim at practice.  We swing and sing (and sweat).

It's hard to believe that we were here only a year, and not several lifetimes, ago.  People ask if we miss Greece and if the children ask about it.  We miss many things about living in Athens, but we're happy to be home.

People ask if we're schooling through them summer, too.  We are, but our emphasis are the electives like PE and art.  I'm excited about our subjects this year; Earth Science, American History, and United States Geography are on the docket.  We school, swim, school, play, and swim.

B is cranking out his research and writing.  Sleep is on our to-do lists, and I suppose we'll cross it off at some point.  But there's so much goodness to soak in right now, it's not a priority.

This busy, no-hands-free, scramble-out-the-door season will pass all too quickly.  
We can't blink, or we'll miss it.