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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Summer

My favorite time of year is winter; I delight in cold sweater weather.  I suppose if summer where we live were chilly and breezy, I might like it more, too.  As it is, the humidity suffocates us from mid-May until well into September.

This year, I'm finding joy in summer, despite my dislike of the weather.

The kids are participating in the neighborhood summer swim league.  I have dropped several points in the parent polls, though.  Who knew that the meets had themes and everyone dressed in costumes?  We do, now.  Thankfully we caught on in time for the Spy theme.  G and T hang with me while Z and M swim at practice.  We swing and sing (and sweat).

It's hard to believe that we were here only a year, and not several lifetimes, ago.  People ask if we miss Greece and if the children ask about it.  We miss many things about living in Athens, but we're happy to be home.

People ask if we're schooling through them summer, too.  We are, but our emphasis are the electives like PE and art.  I'm excited about our subjects this year; Earth Science, American History, and United States Geography are on the docket.  We school, swim, school, play, and swim.

B is cranking out his research and writing.  Sleep is on our to-do lists, and I suppose we'll cross it off at some point.  But there's so much goodness to soak in right now, it's not a priority.

This busy, no-hands-free, scramble-out-the-door season will pass all too quickly.  
We can't blink, or we'll miss it.

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