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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny today...

It's funny how the two items in this picture go together.  The sweater is an almost finished Sunday Sweater for my daughter, and the book is a newly begun read for my sons.  I love all dearly (children, sweater, book), and can't wait to finish book and sweater.

The pattern has been uncomplicated, but not boring.  Z and I are excited about how quickly the sweater has knit up; her request for 3/4 length sleeves will help the hurry-up process.  I am almost finished with the last sleeve, and then begins the process of choosing buttons.

The book is also straightforward: this is just how boys are wired.  I have already decided that the author must know my sons personally.  How else could he have described their behavior so precisely?  I had better get used to appliances dismantled and rough-and-tumble play.  At the same time, I had better take note of the ways Rao suggests that I redirect behavior.

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