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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yarn Along

Linking, knitting, reading with others...

The sweater is coming along.  I reknit the yoke and realized that the mistake that I noticed the first time around was just a peculiarity of the pattern.  It's pretty obvious to me that the increases on the front don't match.  At the same time, I just couldn't face ripping out and redoing the yoke.  Again.  And T looks so hopeful every morning that his sweater is finished.

My mother commented on the choice of books this week.  We've been listening to this series in the car, and I wanted to re-read the third installment before we started it aloud.  I read all of the series as a pre-teen, and remember being slightly frightened by Greenwitch.  Since my listeners are younger and on the sensitive side, previewing books helps us to weed out books that they'll appreciate more as they get older.  Ditto for The Midwife's Apprentice.  I'm halfway through it and have already deemed it an "enjoy later" book for Z.

One last fiber-related note--the beautiful purple cloth in the background is actually a hemp/cotton wrap on loan from a babywearing guru friend.  It's incredibly comfortable, although G is having a great time trying to backflip out of it.

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