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Friday, November 22, 2013

Finished Friday

My college roommate--our rooming together interrupted only by junior year abroad--just had her first baby, a girl.  Despite the fact that we don't talk often these days and I've never met her husband (T was a newborn around the time of her out-of-state wedding reception), I felt very strongly about knitting some nice things for this new girl.  There's a bit of love and prayer in every stitch.  I also wanted to gush in the card I sent, because I can't imagine a better mother than she'll make.  In fact, I'm pretty sure her husband will make a fabulous father, despite the fact that we've never met.  After all, she chose him, and that's all I really need to know.  Quality attracts quality, I say.  Anyway, I choked when it came time to send the package, and the third and final version of the card said the same boring congratulatory message that most baby cards do.  

First up are these two pairs of socks, both variations of this pattern.  I had high hopes of knitting a few more pairs to add to the box, but life intervened.  The multicolor is from a bit of Colinette Jitterbug, and is in a Monet palette.  The second pair is from a small ball of a discontinued yarn that I've been saving for something special.  

The pièce de résistance is a short-sleeved cardigan from a pattern called lila{c}loud.  It was a fairly easy knit...except I read the chart incorrectly and the final product is a little lacier.  Doh!  I used a new-to-me yarn, soft and drapey and machine washable.

In the background is that green cardigan.  I got a little concerned about how colorfast the dye was before I packed up everything and gave the sweater a bath. Thank heavens I did!  The blue leaked all over the sink, and in the end I decided not to saddle a new mother with a hand wash only, may-dye-everything-blue sweater.  I'll save that for her next baby.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Month 11: Priorities

This month I've been forced to think a bit about my priorities.  Staring at a glowing screen, whether to check email or write a blog or read a blog, has intentionally been relegated to the bottom of my list.  Some people are fabulous at staying connected to friends while parenting multiple children.  I just don't happen to be one of them, no matter how fervently I wish for it.  In fact, I don't even seem to be able to converse on the phone with people regularly.  If you never receive phone calls from me, it has no bearing on my personal feelings toward you.  I'm hoping that it's just a part of this season of my life.  I'm also hoping that I don't completely forget how to interact with adults--I have already forgotten so much.

Which brings me to this photo, taken this morning. Rather than fight the tide of T's desire to be in the picture (the foot), or wrangle the camera strap (bottom left), or remember to remove G's pacifier, I just let it be.  My priorities were to snap a quick picture for posterity and get back to the nitty-gritty of the morning: bathing grubby children, working on grammar, scrounging up something other than Halloween candy for lunch.

Without the distractions that the screen brings, we've found our rhythm for now.  B has begun the cycle of job applications; some, if accepted, will bring us closer to family; others will move us even further.  We pray that God's blessings will be upon all of these forms, and His wisdom upon those making the decisions that will change our lives.

Z and M have really been applying themselves to their lessons, making our afternoon jaunts to playgrounds, hiking trails, museums, and other "fun" things possible.  Since we don't know what the next year will bring, I'm trying to spend as much time at our favorite spots (and with our favorite people) as possible.

T is excited about learning how to spell his name (his nickname makes it easy) and how to count.  He's at a developmentally exciting stage right now, and more excited than defiant about so many things.  (Big sigh from Mama that we're moving past defiance.)

G.  Oh, G!  He's off and running.  It really only took him a couple of weeks to find his land legs, and he's incredibly quick.  His only complaint is that I don't let him walk as much as he'd like.  I just can't keep up!  My favorite bits of this month are noticing all of G's personality quirks that are making appearances.  He has a great sense of humor, despite his reluctance to smile.  He's always aware of those around him, even when he has his head buried in my shoulder or, more recently, the legs of my trousers.  He doesn't like to be in the center of attention--perhaps a blessing as the youngest of four.  I am thrilled to be closing out and nostalgic about his first year in a few weeks. 
He's not a baby anymore!