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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Starting Fresh

In August we found out that we were being transferred to another parish: a large parish, in a big city, in the neighboring state.  We had less than a month between our official notification and the day my husband was to begin his ministry there.  From that whirlwind, I remember packing paper, aching feet at the end of every day, and gallons of pity ice cream consumed.  I remember a lot of lasts: last hikes along familiar and beloved trails; the last juicy tomato we pulled from our vines; last tearful hugs with beloved parishioners.

There were firsts, though, too:  the smiling welcome of our new parishioners; the giant bouquets and notes of excited anticipation they sent home with my husband; the tour of a new house after a stressful and frantic search for one; and the sight of my lonely daughter meeting her Greek school classmates for the first time.  We even discovered a new, beloved hiking trail.

If I had to choose a word to describe 2017, it would be INTENSE.  Even before the move, our year was ever-so-much-more-so.  While I don't expect 2018 to be much different, I am delighted at the turning over of the calendar page and the cue to reorganize our rhythms.  I'm hoping that 2018 brings a new balance to our little household.

This kind of long and rambly for a Yarn-Along post.  Ha.  I just finished Penguins and Golden Calves, which was rambly, too.  I knew before I opened it that my theology differs a bit from Madeleine L'Engle's, but much of the book prompted reflection, particularly the sections about the differences between icons and idols.  I like that my reading of the book bridged the end of a hard year, a year that exposed and shattered many of my idols, and a fresh, crisp, very cold new one.

Right now I am working through The Betrothed (pre-reading for school) and Out of the Silent Planet.  And like a crazy person, I have several books on hold at the library.  I'm optimistic I'll find the time to read them, I guess.

I'm also optimistic about time to knit, as my stash of yarn shows.  All of the skeins in the photo above have designated projects, for birthday presents this year. (They were supposed to be lots of Christmas presents this year, but the move changed all of that.)  I spent December working on several hand sewing projects.  I'm seven ornaments in to my collection of Alicia Paulson gems.  I'm also halfway finished with a felt tree skirt kit, one that I've had for a couple of years.  I've made a deal with myself to finish the tree skirt and the Emmer Wheat socks for my mother's birthday before I can start any other project.  (and that next project will be a sweater for myself.)

Delighted to be joining Ginny...


Tina said...

Oh, quick changes are tough- glad that you are finding your feet :) and what pretty pictures!

Kimberley said...

I love your perfect stash! And the golden wool and fabric (bag?) underneath. Gosh a month to move *is* intense - I couldn't do it....

Ravenna said...

I love rambling posts and seeing how other people live. Knitting and book recommendations are an added bonus!