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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesdays: Greek

Last year upon hearing this podcast (And if you've never looked through the podcasts here, I highly recommend doing so.), I decided that planning meals for Lent made sense.  We've had the Indian Food Lent, and the Lentil Soup Lent, and the Spanakorizo Lent, and...well, you get the idea that I have a habit of fixating upon one recipe for forty days.   

A friend gave us this treasure of food when she moved to Germany.

This year, every day has a different theme, and each week features different recipes.  I'm hoping this will provide us with some variety and cut down on the complaints?  We'll see.

Wednesdays are Greek.  Where better to find Lenten recipes than in Greek cuisine?  Today we tried this recipe.  It wasn't very photogenic and needs a bit of tinkering, or un-tinkering, as I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  You might like it, Tante B.

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