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it comes in waves

This season of life, when I'm fighting the swells, I recall a walk I took in my childhood along a jetty that juts out into Lake Michigan.  I don't remember the exact circumstances, it was so long ago.  The waves were high, and a gentleman warned about the "Three Sisters" phenomenon.  I must have been too close to the edge--there was no railing--and he didn't want me to be pulled in.  Waves slapped the concrete pier in threes, each crest a little higher and a little stronger than the one before.  Occasionally one would wash completely over the path.  On a grander scale they would have overwhelmed a ship. There are also the words below, ones I read first in December of 2010.  O! for a convenient, well-equipped harbor!  But think how resilient that swim to shore made those who did it.  Aiming for resilience. I still haven't finished The Arena .  Some day.   God desires and seeks the salvation of all. And He is always saving all who wish to be saved from drowning

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