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yarn along: january 2022

  Is it cheating that 98% of my first finished project in 2022 was knit in the last few days of 2021?  I knit two halves of the shawl, edge to center, and grafted them together, only to have the thing grow to a ridiculous size with blocking.  I unpicked the grafted row, ripped back four pattern repeats on each half and grafted it together again.  It's now of normal human proportions, and ready to be bagged and given away.  I also have about a skein and a half of purple yarn left over for something else.  Purple's not really my thing, so I'm sure little M would appreciate a purple neck warmer. My 2022 goal is to work those WiPs down!  I'm setting monthly goals for finishing things, and I'm close with several other projects besides the prayer shawl.  Stay tuned... The bickering in our household has been slowly creeping up to unpleasant levels; I blame the stress of re-entering our usual schedule followed by the looming school and activity closures and cancellations. 

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