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a poem for your September Saturday

  AUTUMN   There is a touch of sadness in the air this fall, Such as recurs to fellows of melancholy: Memory of its passage out of time Follows the year's progression,  Ash that settles a twister of flame On mountaintops. Autumn is quick to remember And passes like a sunbeam in the wave.                                                                      -- Norman Macleod   Late August in Michigan is cool breezes, strangely quiet beaches, dazzling goldenrod, and swollen milkweed seed pods, almost ready but not quite.  It was a different vacation for us this year, leaving one of our dear ones behind.  At home, the milkweed never did attract monarchs, but we've got a bazillion seeds that puff and float into the clear sky toward the brilliant September sun.  It's my Miss Rumphius  moment. I've been in a poetry mood lately (thank you, Gretchen Joanna ), trying to find one that can capture this September's mood.  The poem above comes closest, touching the gnawing ache t

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