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Friday, June 15, 2012

A day in the life of T, according to T

Let me preface this post by stating that I am writing it for myself and for posterity, so feel free to skip it.  I failed to capture and remember most of Z's baby-talk, and M went from two words to speaking full, although unintelligible to the outsider, sentences.  T has embraced all of the middle steps along his journey into childhood, and makes steady, consistent progress in every area.  He has also been able to blend Greek and English seamlessly in his everyday speech, either switching from one to the other or just jumbling them all together.  I know that, save for this post, six months from now I will have no recollection of T's language.  

Upon waking, T likes to greet all the members of our household with hell-lo, followed by their name.    For breakfast, he prefers umbone(oatmeal) or cee-low(cereal) followed by a banana and bites of everyone else's breakfasts, if he can get them.

He usually spends the morning playing.  If he can't find his toys, he asks poo-no toe (where is it?) whatever he is looking for.  When T finds it, he says na toe (here's) or ekey toe (there's) whatever the  object is.  He really enjoys die-doe-done (dinosaurs), especially of the Dinosaur Train variety.  He has one board book about dinosaurs that he prefers to read to me, rather than hear read to him.

When he's hunnie (hungry), he likes to eat luch or a nak.  His favorite foods are faw-dee (strawberries), tay-toe (tomatoes), and goo-ya (cucumbers).  He does not like his hands to stay dirty, and often asks for my hep to wipe them.

If the weather is nice, T will ask to visit the play-lown (playground), and swing on the koonya (swings), which are his favorite.

If he wants to participate in what we're doing, he asks doo-dooin'?   When we ask if he'd like to join us he says yeah.

He can say all of his friends' names, including the Greek ones like Don-ee (Antonis) and Dee-tee (Dmitris).

Before bed T asks everyone in the house for a kick , which means you should pucker up.  (When he starts yelling hi-ya! protect your shins.)  If bed he prefers choo buh-lank-ank (two blankets) and choo pal-low (two pillows).

Nani kalo, T!

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