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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Hindsight

I've asked myself several times if there's anything I would have or should have packed differently this year.  So much of our move hinged upon the unknown that I couldn't have been prepared for everything; I had to settle for covering most of my bases.  As it turns out, I did.

Here are some things that I would consider changing, although we're managing to make do just fine.

1) Should I have paid an extra $50 to bring a suitcase full of cloth diapering supplies?
                 The verdict is still out on this one.  I spent about 10 Euros every week for paper
                 Cloth diapers would have used electricity and water, and we probably would have 
                 purchased paper diapers every now and then for emergencies and traveling.

2) Should I have packed more shoes for the two older kids?
               Yes, especially for Z.  I thought I would be able to find decent, inexpensive shoes
               once here.  I didn't.  Z outgrew her sneakers pretty quickly, and that will be a 
               much needed purchase when we return.  I also should have stocked up on 
               flip-flops, seeing as M wears little else in the summer. (He is so my son.)  

3) Should I have stocked up on new socks and underwear for the grown-ups?
               For B, yes.  He currently has only three pairs of intact socks.  I didn't bring any
              cotton socks, knowing that I would be wearing sandals once the weather got 
              warmer.  All the same, it would be pleasant to have clean, dust free feet sometimes.

4) Did I bring too many clothes for T?
              I overpacked for T because I had an abundance of hand-me-downs from M, and
              because I knew how dirty toddlers get(and I didn't want to be doing more laundry 
             than necessary).  I ended up giving a bag of clothes to a friend, and sending a 
             couple of coats home with my mother(they'll fit next year).

5)  I should have bought myself some long underwear; the winter here was colder than normal.

Here's a snippet of the end of the year Greek Dance performance at the school.  M is second from the end, and Z is fifth from the end.  They worked hard all year, and did a great job!

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