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Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

I don't know if I would describe our airplane journey with the phrase "jiggety-jig," but we made it!  The kids were so extremely well-behaved and cooperative that I kept saying little prayers of thanks.  At one point I told the older two kids to turn off their movies and go to sleep, and they were both unconscious within five minutes.  T was happy as long as we took walks around the plane every so often, and he was a little loud (but happy loud).  We were over the moon to see family as soon as we landed, including a surprise visit from my niece.  She's the one who made us the sign.

The past few weeks have flown by, between unpacking and rearranging furniture and more unpacking and setting up phone service and more unpacking.  The house is still in disarray, but the important items have found a home.  The big kids spent two weeks at their grandparents' house far, far away.  T and I missed them, but we filled the time with a few activities...

...like baking and eating lots of cookies...

...playing with old toys...

...and reading the same books over and over and over.

I found a little time to knit and sew, but I was consumed with homeschool preparation.  I have never, ever felt so compelled to be quite so organized.  Ever.  And despite the fact that paper scraps and math manipulatives have exploded in our homeschool area, I can safely say that the school year is really coming together.  More sharing later.

After a couple of weeks of T and me time, B arrived home and spent a his days doing this:

Sometimes with, sometimes without, a partner.

We have readjusted to life in the States with surprising ease, making our time in Greece feel very much like a far off dream.  People keep asking if we had a good time (yes!) and would we go back (yes!).

Ahhh, it is nice to be back again.

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