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Friday, April 5, 2013

Month 4: Travel, etc.

This month we were away from our house as much as we were present. Planning G's baptism took most of my spare thoughts, if not spare time, and we were on the go with all of our scheduled activities.  We also traveled to see family in three different states over the course of one week!  Praise God that we arrived at every destination safely, if a little worse for wear.

I...am in a process of self-discovery this time around.  With the kids getting older and requiring more in the way of homeschool preparation, time, and attention, the balance of my time has tipped  entirely in their favor.  Gone are the nights spent quietly with B on the couch, me with knitting in hand and a good movie/television show on the screen.  Lately the couch and I have spent very little time together.

B...The job prospect didn't pan out, so he's back to square one.  I am praying, praying hard, that something will open up for us.  The job that didn't work out was ideal in a lot of ways: location, area of discipline, location.  I find, though, that God always has something even better in store for us.  Hard to believe something better exists, but true.  And He'll be getting all of the glory when it happens. I can't wait to see!

Z...Poor child has had a rough winter.  Between pneumonia when G was born, and several bouts with the stomach bugs going around, she'll be overjoyed when spring really gets here.

M... I am trying so hard to be a good mother for this, my oldest son.  And I know that he's trying so hard to be a good son and big brother.  G gets excited when M walks into the room.

T...started Greek school this month!  He's the only boy in a class of nine, so the girls are keeping him in line.

G...needed to be compelled to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it seemed.  He screamed so loud that we couldn't hear the priest.  Our favorite Yiayia quoted a saying from the village of her husband, of blessed memory.  Loosely translated it says: "Better my mother hold me (than anyone else) even if her hands are covered in thorns." Sure enough G fell silent as soon as I received him from his godfather.  

G hits the five month marker on Pascha this year!  

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