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Monday, August 5, 2013

Month 8: TEETH, and lots of them all at once

This month we traveled to visit family and recharge our batteries in cool Northern Michigan.  Everyone enjoys our yearly pilgrimage to the shore, and the grandparents are always the biggest hit.  There was plenty of time to knit, play, ride bicycles, craft, and knit. 

The highlight of the trip (for the adults anyway) was a two day visit to a monastery in central Michigan where my sister is currently living and thriving, I might add.  The kids and I had never stayed at a monastery for any length of time, so this was a new experience.   It made me uncomfortable in all the right and healthy ways, and caring for a teething G allowed me some personal meditation time.   Here I truly felt at rest, and it was here that I was able to gird myself spiritually for the time being.   B and the kids made great use of the children's garden, and we all hope to visit again soon.

B...just putting the finishing touches on his dissertation!  Woohoo!

I...am contemplating what it means to be a good friend, finishing up some knitting projects, and organizing my year.  We'll start school again on Monday, and I really need to motivate myself.

Z...loved vacation, and had a chance to debut in her first skit in English.  

M...got to use power tools with Opie.  'Nuf said.

T...continues to charm all who meet him.  He is getting so good at balancing on his little bike!  

G...cut two teeth while we were at the monastery, right before his 8th mensiversary.  He's got two more on the way, which has led to a sleeping strike. Sure, he'll nap, but only if I'm wearing him.  We're all a little cranky right now, but I'm hoping that once these teeth are through he'll start sleeping again.  (Hear me, G?  You're going to start sleeping again.)