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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Frankenstein's Blog Post

True to the monster, this post takes all of the beautiful things happening in our life and turns them into something hideous.

1.  As I was preparing for bed last night I realized that I hadn't posted anything on my blog.  We've had a bit of a long week with children falling ill at different, but occasionally overlapping, times, so my oversight came as no shock.  My brain is a bit numb, which explains why I am posting rather than cleaning the enormous mess that three housebound children made over the past few days.

2.  Anyone who has ever conversed with me knows how easily I can be distracted.  During Z's spelling pre-test yesterday, I pulled out a ladder and fixed a leaky toilet pipe. (Here the plumbing is in the ceiling.)

3.  Along the lines of distractibility?  My latest works in progress.  While I was knitting this:

I suddenly had to have a pair of these fingerless mitts.  Using some doubled lace weight wool that I had brought from home(for just such an emergency), I made these:

I 've never been a fan of fingerless mitts before now.  In fact, I'd secretly ridicule those who wore them.  (Sorry, friends.) With the weather rapidly changing for the cooler, and our radiators only on for a brief period at night, I've changed my tune.  My hands warm and at the same time do really important things, like knit write a grocery list. (By the way, taking a picture of your own hands is much more difficult than I thought. )

4.  The lace weight alpaca for my sweater and wool for the mitts reminds of my resolution to avoid lace weight, if at all possible.  I used to sneer at bulky weight yarn.  When I first began knitting, bulky weight just looked so BIG and so ACRYLIC.  Three children and all the affiliated craziness later, big yarn has come to means more knitted love for my children in a shorter amount of time.

5.  I attempted my first American-style recipes recently.  Chocolate chip cookies were a hit.  Thanks for the recipe, Dana.

Have a great weekend!


Shannon said...

How about sending me your recipe for Russian Tea cakes and the awesome pecans you gave us last year??!! :)

pleximama said...

Sure thing!