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Friday, November 11, 2011

Greek School: A Journey to the Land of Language

Z has two periods of Language Arts (γλώσσα or GLOW-sa) everyday.  Below are her book and workbook, covered in the coolest book covers, and her notebooks (τετράδια or tet-RA-dhi-a).  The notebooks are very important in school here, as we've discovered.  I really like the organization they engender, but I have no idea for what the orange and red ones are used.   

The blue notebook (in the foreground) contains sentences that Z has to copy out of her language books.  It's called αντιγραφή (an-ti-graf-EEin Greek, but I think we'd call it "copywork" in English.   The teacher requires a picture of whatever Z has written. The orange (in the middle) is for dictations, but also other things.  I don't really understand how they relate, but I am sure there's some reason behind it.  The red notebook (at the back) is the most mysterious of all.  When I ask Z how it's used, she can't explain it.  I think she writes notes from the classroom in it, but she also uses it to answer questions out of her book.

In addition to the above supplies,  Z has a tetradio for journal entries and a reading book.  Both remain at school, so I don't have a picture of them to share.  

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