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Friday, November 4, 2011

My mom calls it "snivelling" rivalry.

Z and I finished her sweater this afternoon.  She helped me by sewing on the buttons, and then she requested a modeling session before we headed out to the playground.  She began with a couple of cheesy grins, and then, unprompted, things took a turn for the absurd.

 M, hearing the fun, wanted in.  

Ahh, siblings.

Sirdar Book 271, Design E, with heavily modified sleeves and yoke, size 26"
yarn: Cascade 220, colorway 2908 Anis

note:  I based the button band and neck edging upon one of my favorite store-bought sweaters.  Knitting it was the best part of the whole experience!  It still needs to be blocked, which is why it pulls up a bit in the middle in the top photos.  

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